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How to Handle Employer Issues

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Writing a resume can be tricky when employers change names or locations during your tenure. Browse our archived answers to your resume questions about employers on a resume here.

What questions do you have about writing a resume and employers?

Writing an effective resume can be tricky, especially with all the crazy stuff going on these days in the corporate world. Mergers... buyouts... going out of business... name changes... total relocation offshore... how the heck do you reflect all those kinds of things on your resume without getting confusind? Do it wrong, and your resume could quickly be tossed into the "reject" pile before it ever gets viewed.

Do it right, and you'll move to the front of the que of interview candidates!

On this page, you'll find questions past visitors have asked about writing a resume when employer names, locations and related info have changed substantially... along with my expert answers and comments from other visitors to these pages.

If you want to ask a question yourself, or view more current questions, then click the link to see our current employer on the resume questions page.

But if you're just looking to increase your knowledge, or see if someone has already asked the question you have about writing a resume with regard to employers, then here you go...

Archived Q&A About Listing Employers on a Resume

Click below to see older questions from other visitors to this page about issues with listing an employer on your resume. If you click on the category, you can see the individual questions that have been asked.

How would you handle varied work locations? 
The question is, how would you handle varied work locations, such as working in one office one day, another the following day and the main office the day …

How Do I Reflect a Change in Management? 
My former job has a new owner, but the name of the place is still the same. How should I reference the contact for that on my resume? ANSWER: Hi …

How to maximize years at job when company dissolved and new one recruited staff? 
The company I worked for dissolved and went out of business. A new company recruited and hired lots of staff from the company that went out of business. …

How Should I List Jobs for Companies No Longer in Business? 
Some jobs I have worked are no longer in business and I need to list on my resume. I am reapplying for a new job and I need my work history. ANSWER: …

How Do I List Employment When My Employer Was Bought Out Several Times? 
I have worked in the same location in different capacities for over ten years, but the company name has changed numerous times and has switched ownership …

What's the Best Way to Present Telecommuting Positions? 
I read the previous response to how to list the telecommuting arrangement, but my problem is that my manager also telecommutes from a different location, …

Which Company Name Do I Use If My Employer Was Bought Out? 
My job experience was with Omega Bank, as it was know at the time. A few months after leaving it was bought out by First National Bank. Under what company …

How Do I List the Same Employer, But Different Locations on My Resume? 
I worked for the same company but different states how do you list that on a resume? ANSWER: The best approach is simply to list both locations …

What Do I List for My Employer Location When I Worked From Home? 
I have had a career in outside sales for about 20 years with four different employers. Generally, I have worked out of my home as the office. My question …

How Do I List the Same Job, But My Company Was Bought Out? 
I've been in the same job, working on the same product for twenty years. My first company was bought out by a larger second company which was then bought …

The Company I Worked for Changed Hands/Names... How Do I Handle This on My Resume? 
I worked in the same position for 8 years, but the company was sold after 4 years, taking on a different name. Even though the position was the same, …

How Do I List Different Jobs for the Same Company on My Resume? 
I worked for one main parent company that owned several hotels... so I worked at 5 of their hotels. What is the best way to list the parent company …

Is it OK to Omit My Current Company's Name on a Resume? 
What do you put on a resume when you do not want to put the name of your current company? ANSWER: Hi Tracy, Your resume should be an accurate reflection …

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