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Best Free Resume Builder?

Resume Maker Reviews & More

It's hard to designate one best free resume builder. There are so many resume builders, both free and inexpensive. But on this page, I'll provide several resume maker reviews for you to consider.

I highly recommend this resource for building powerful resumes!

If you don't feel up to creating your own resume from scratch or by using a template, then it is possible to make one using a web-based resume maker or builder. Your results may vary.

On this page, I have reviewed several different resume builders. Some are free resume builders and some come with a small fee. As far as I can tell, truly free resume builders, at least ones of any quality, are pretty darn rare. After all, it costs them to provide the service, so I can understand, even if I do love me some free stuff! Smile

But I'll keep hunting free resume builders down, and meanwhile, I'll also include the fairly inexpensive ones I find too. And be sure to stop back every once in a while, because I will be updating this page as I discover new (free and inexpensive) products.

Technically, Pongo Resume is not a totally free resume builder, but they do offer a free trial, so I thought I'd include it here. It's quite a robust application and helps you with both the resume and cover letter.


  • Lots of control over formatting and content
  • View as you go
  • Choice of many different styles
  • Can customize headings


  • Limited features in the free trial
  • Would like to see more styles

Bottom Line

You really have to pay for a membership to use this service with all its functionality. But it only costs $9.95 for one month, and it looks to me like you get a lot for a measly $10 bucks! They have a cover letter interface too, so that would be another plus. Read my detailed review here AKA Resume Builder used to be an independent website that offered a fairly basic free resume builder. However, I just checked and they're now owned by If you've been around my website here for very long, then you've likely seen links on my pages. That's because they offer a quality resume writing and information service. And now they've added more products to their stable...

So, anyway, their "new" resume builder is a very easy interface to use. Basically, you just fill in the blanks, then press submit, and presto! You've got a web-based resume. Unfortunately, it's not free any more. It now costs $29.95 for a one-time use, or you can get a whole year of access for $49.95. I think that's a pretty good value, but only you can decide how to spend your money...

To be perfectly honest, I can't really tell you anything about the resume builder now that took it over. They don't show you samples or really give you any details at all, until you pay for the service. I'm guessing it's good, but as to ease of use, who knows? If you've used it, I'd love to get your review below...

Check it out for yourself:

Bottom Line

If you just want to create an online resume you can put up on a website, then this program offers a workable solution. The end product is professional looking. But if you need a resume that you can send out, then this won't do it for you. AKA

I did a more detailed review of this resume maker here (when it was still Apparently, the Total Resume website has apparently been sold to someone else since I first posted my review. Looks like they're still offering the same service, though, so if have your heart set on free, it might be worth checking out...

In Summary...

Even though you CAN create your resume for free using one of these free resume builder services, I think you're better off trying to create a resume using downloadable templates in most cases. But then, I'm a control freak, so your experience may differ! At any rate, if you're not paying anything, you don't have much to lose other than your time by playing around a bit with a resume maker on the web.

Your Review of a Resume Service, Software or Online Builder

Have you used any kind of online resume writing service, an online resume builder like the ones reviewed above or downloadable resume software to make a resume for yourself?

If so... I'd love to know what you thought about your experience. There are so many different services and products available, it's not practical for me to try to review every one. So, I need your help!

Please be sure that you only leave me MEANINGFUL reviews... that means you have to be willing to share enough details and specifics to really be helpful to others. I'm sorry, but I'm not really interested in adding "reviews" like "Great service!" only.

Tell me what you liked and didn't like about the service/product, whether you thought it was a good value for the price, how expensive it was, etc.

And thank you VERY MUCH in advance!

So, have I determined the best free resume builder on the Web? Not really... but I CAN highly recommend the very affordable!

I highly recommend this resource for building powerful resumes!

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