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Your Resume Writing Guide

A Resume Guide on
How to Write a Good Resume

Use this resume writing guide to learn. Our resume guide teaches you how to write a good resume that will help you get the job interview.

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Get your resume writing guide here for how to write a good resume

Writing your resume is where your job search efforts must begin, whether you are brand new to the job market or have been toiling in a career path for decades. You simply can't get a job nowadays without at least a rudimentary resume.

The resume is your basic career or job search document. So it's imperative that you do a great job with creating a powerful resume. After all, if you don't... you may never even get called for a job interview... and without interviews, no jobs!

So, this section of the site provides a comprehensive resume writing guide to assist you in crafting the resume you need to get the jobs you seek. You'll also need a killer cover letter and a great performance at your job interviews, but your resume is definitely the place to start!

The Purpose of a Resume

Write a good resume that SELLS you

Job resumes are meant to communicate – in a nutshell – who you are and what makes you unique. They should also sum up your specific skills, talents and accomplishments, as well as provide a capsule of your employment history.

Because a resume is meant to be a summary, it is never going to be the "end all" and the "tell all" about you. But, if you use your limited space wisely, there is a lot that you can say about yourself in a 1 to 2 page resume.

Here's an analogy that might help you get a handle on writing a great resume. Think of yourself as a product and your resume as the ad. Then think about what would make you buy a product...

Do you buy something because an ad screams at you or makes outlandish or "hype-y" claims that are hard to believe? Or do you buy because the advertising convinces you that you will truly benefit from the product or service? And that by not getting it, you will somehow suffer?

Hopefully, you chose the second option. Smile

If so, then you understand why you would want to construct your resume in the same way... to highlight what has made you a standout employee in the past and the unique things you have to offer to future employers that will enable them to achieve their mission and company goals.

Is this all starting to make sense? I sure hope so!

How to Really Get a Handle on Resume Writing...

Your Career Connection is here to help you learn. With our resume writing guide, we teach you how to write a good resume (actually a great resume!) All you have to do is open your mind and start exploring... just start clicking on the thumbnails below to pick the topics you most need a resume guide on:

Learn how to do effective resume writingLearn about the different resume formats and which to use whenLearn about the good, the bad, and the ugly of resume objectives
Get the lowdown on resume layouts and how to use themWhich resume fonts work best on a resume?Tips on using the right resume wording on your resume

Explore all the page in the resume writing guide above and you'll have a basic education in writing a good resume that works to get you to job interviews. But for even more info, or to learn through example, be sure to explore the resume examples and free resume templates sections of the site too.

I highly recommend this resource for building powerful resumes!

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Learn More About Writing a Resume

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