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Wondering how to list education on resume? Ask the expert your questions about education resume writing and get education resume answers quick!

Ask quesitons about how to list education on resume

If you've examined the various resume templates, sample resumes, resume examples and so forth that are scattered throughout this site, then you should be pretty well-informed about how to list your education on your resume.

However, for some reason, this seems to be an area that stumps tons of people. I know, because it was always one of the busiest areas here on Ask the Expert!

Not only are there a dozen or more questions here, you'll find many more on our archived education questions page.

Frequently Asked Questions About Education on Resumes

1. How do I list my education on the resume?

Answer: Here is the format (with multiple schools in reverse chronological order of course)...

Bachelor of Science in Major, 2006

2. How do I list incomplete education? (Encompasses education still in progress as well as degrees never finished)

Answer: If you never finished your education, or are on a prolonged break, then just list the number of credits you did complete and towards what degree. You may want to explain in the cover letter why you didn't finish. If you are still in the process of finishing your coursework, working on a thesis, or some such, then say the degree is "pending" and list an estimated completion date.

Your Questions...

Please Note:

I am not currently accepting new questions here on the site. I'm sorry, but due to personal concerns I don't have time to answer questions in a timely manner any longer. It seems unfair to allow you to post questions if I'm not going to be able to answer them right away. So for now, I am suspending my "Ask the Expert" features.

However, there are already hundreds of questions here on the site. So I'm fairly certain you can find an answer here that will fit most any situation. You can certainly scan the category pages to look for relevant topics, but even quicker might be to use our Site Search function.

To do a search, just scroll up until you see the "Search This Site" box right above the menu in the left sidebar. Type in your issue and see what comes up.

I appreciate you visiting this page and I'm sorry I'm unable to offer the Q&A service at this time.

Questions Others Have Asked About Education

Click below to see other education questions from previous visitors to this page, along with my answers to those questions. Clicking on the Comments link for a question may give you additional info...

What do I put if I'm in college but have not get completed the degree? 
The job I am seeking in is my field and hopefully I could do some internship there also. ANSWER: The answer to this is posted in the FAQ on the page …

Can I use an unaccredited school on my resume? 
I was wondering if I could still use a school and their credits were not accredited by the American College Association? ANSWER: I don't see any reason …

How do I list on a resume a college I failed out of? 
My junior year I failed out of a university and took courses at a local community college to raise my GPA and then transferred to a local university nearby. …

What if my education was only a 36 hr Adult Education Course? 
I took a Adult Ed medical Terminology course that was only 36 hrs long should I list that on my resume as education? ANSWER: I would definitely include …

How do I list a work-study job on my resume? 
I worked in retail to put myself through college. As a result, I now have a degree in biology, but most of my work experience is not relevant to my field, …

Should I include an incomplete degree if I'm pursing further education 
Should I leave the incomplete degree out of my resume or how should I include it in if I really haven't completed any of it? I studied 2 different degrees …

What if my certificate is in question? 
Several years ago I completed an online training course for which I earned a certificate. I have since learned that this "school" is out of business and …

How do I list a Graduate Degree? 
Of course, I want to add my graduate degree to my resume, but I have a problem with how to list it. Should it be Master's Degree in Public Administration... …

How should past technical classes be included on my resume? 
I am an MIS/Finance grad and took many programming languages while getting my BS. Since then I have worked 5 years in technology but not relevant to any …

How do you I show a degree not granted over financial issues? 
On my resume, how do I show that I have completed the academic requirements for a degree that was not granted over past-due financial obligations to the …

How do you explain an educational leave on a resume 
I am working towards a BA and currently at senior status; however, I am taking time off at the moment. How do I list an educational leave on a resume? …

How do I describe why I failed a final in a college course on my resume? 
I was majoring in Nursing school in my 2nd semester. On April 25 my father was rushed to the ER and diagnosed with Liver Cancer and given 1 month to live. …

How do I list the time period of a degree that I never completed? 
Hello... Whilst living in NY, I was working towards completing my bachelors degree in Hospitality Management, when the opportunity came up for me to move …

How do I indicate I am currently enrolled in a project management course on my resume? 
I have several years in the financial services industry and several roles. I unfortunately never obtained a college degree, so I do not have a separate …

Should I include the Master's Degree I am pursuing on my resume? 
I am applying for administrative positions (in various companies) because I have a lot of experience in administrative and because I want a job. However, …

Do I list my degree if I am still in school? 
I am getting my Master's degree right now. Do I include it in my resume? Answer: In a word, yes. You want to give yourself credit for everything …

How do I list my incomplete degree? 
I have been to several college and universities, and back, and have difficulty with listing this on a resume. I have no degree as yet, but at least 140 …

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