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Answers About Writing a Resume Cover Letter

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Job cover letter questions... browse our archives of older questions I've answered about writing a resume cover letter.

Time for cover letter questions

Writing an effective employment cover letter can be tricky. Do it wrong, and your letter will quickly be tossed into the "reject" pile before your resume even gets viewed.

Do it right, and you'll move to the front of the que of interview candidates!

On this page, you'll find questions past visitors have asked about writing a job cover letter... along with my expert answers and comments from other visitors to these pages.

If you want to ask a question yourself, or view more current questions, then click the link to see our current employment cover letter questions page.

But if you're just looking to increase your knowledge, or see if someone has already asked the question you have about writing a resume cover letter, then here you go...

Archived Questions About Cover Letter Writing

Click below to see older questions from past visitors to this page about the art of cover letter writing. Click on the question and then on the Comments link to see all answers or to post your own comments in relation to the question.

What Is a Cover Letter? 
I want to know about cover letter. Is it necessary to make a cover letter... with resume? ANSWER: This topic is covered in depth on this website in …

How do you start a cover letter? 
What needs to go into the first paragraph of a cover letter? What does the employer want to see in the first paragraph? ANSWER: You'll find quite …

How do you write a cover letter when the employers don't identify themselves. 
I was recently laid off from my last job and I already have a good resume made and I know how to write a cover letter. The problem is most of the job …

How Do You Apply for a Job Without Letting Your Employer Know? 
I am currently looking for other jobs but I don't want to contact my current job? ANSWER: Ed... This is not an unusual situation. Simply state in …

How to Send Cover Letter With Online Resume Postings? 
How do I send both the resume and cover letter simultaneously while making an online resume posting to different companies? ANSWER: The procedure …

What do I name my cover letter? 
When it is time for me to email it and a spot says the name of your cover letter what do I put? ANSWER: Without seeing the actual instructions, I …

How Do I Write a Cover Letter? 
I want to write a cover letter to apply for a graduate program (MA degree), how can I write an appropriate letter? ANSWER: There's lots of information …

How Do I Respond to Salary Questions on My Resume? 
I'm wondering how to answer salary desired question on a resume. Can you help? ANSWER: Bobby, I moved this question here, as it is never appropriate …

How Do I State My Salary Requirements Tastefully in a Cover Letter? 
The company I am applying to is asking for my salary requirements to be added to my cover letter. How do I do this tastefully? ANSWER: Hi there Debbe... …

How Do You Address a Cover Letter to a Woman? 
I have the name of the person I am writing my cover letter to; it is a woman. However, there is no indication as to whether she is single, married or other. …

Is It Ever Appropriate to List Salary Requirements in the Cover Letter? 
I am interested in assistance with my cover letter. I am a Social Worker and I received my Masters Degree in Social Work from Fordham University in 2006, …

Should I Say I Plan to Relocate in My Cover Letter? 
I will be relocating to New York in May and I am currently looking for job in the area. Should I mention something about this in my cover letter? My resume …

How Should I Address the Cover Letter When I Don't Know If They're Male or Female? 
I'm unsure if the person I'm addressing my cover letter to is male or female. Do I write "Dear Mr./Ms." or what is the proper thing to do? ANSWER: …

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