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If you have a job interview question, you can get answers here on how to succeed in job interviews.

Do you have a job interview question for Ask the Expert?

Job interviews — provided you actually get the chance to go on one — can make or break your job search success. You have to learn how to "do" interviews right... or they're simply going to be a waste of your time and any potential employer's time.

If you're lucky, the person interviewing you may give you some advance notice of the types of questions to be asked or what to expect during the interview. That gives you a chance to prepare, which is a great opportunity.

But 9 times out of 10, you go into an interview completely blind... but that doesn't mean you need to expect to be blindsided. There is lots you can do to prepare for a job interview, from planning answers to typical interview questions to identifying your own "red flags" in your resume and work history that you'll need to explain.

In my Job Interview Central section of this website, I provide many tips and suggestions for dealing with job interviews and for excelling at them. So, if you haven't visited that section yet, I encourage you to do so. But, if you find that you still have questions about job interviews, then Ask the Expert is here for you! Smile

If you happened to come to this page directly from someplace else on the Web, and you're wondering, "Just who IS this so-called cover letter expert, anyway?", then please feel free to read my About Me page (click opens new tab/window) before you go any further. Bottom line, though, is that I know my stuff...

Please take time to peruse the questions at the bottom of this page to see if I've already answered the question you have. You can also look through our archives of older Ask the Expert tips on handling job interview questions.

Please Note:

I am not currently accepting new questions here on the site. I'm sorry, but due to personal concerns I don't have time to answer questions in a timely manner any longer. It seems unfair to allow you to post questions if I'm not going to be able to answer them right away. So for now, I am suspending my "Ask the Expert" features.

However, there are already hundreds of questions here on the site. So I'm fairly certain you can find an answer here that will fit most any situation. You can certainly scan the category pages to look for relevant topics, but even quicker might be to use our Site Search function.

To do a search, just scroll up until you see the "Search This Site" box right above the menu in the left sidebar. Type in your issue and see what comes up.

I appreciate you visiting this page and I'm sorry I'm unable to offer the Q&A service at this time.

What Other Job Seekers Have Asked

Click below to see questions about job interviews from other visitors to this page, along with my Ask the Expert answers. Additional info may also be seen by clicking on the Comments link at the end of a question page.

How do I answer a question about moving vs. telecommuting? 
I'm trying to land an interview and already the issue of moving has come up. I don't want to move and would like to telecommute as I've done in the past, …

How do I answer a question about marital status? 
If an interviewer asks me a question about my marital status, I'm wondering what the best way to answer it would be. Can you offer any suggestions? …

How do I answer a question about being fired from a job? 
What do I say after being asked what was the reason I was fired at my previous job? ANSWER: The unfortunate result of events like being fired is that …

How do I answer an interview question about leaving a bad job situation. 
(I'll be more specific than the example already posted). To cover her own tail, a previous manager of mine, (who has since been fired for fraud), told …

How to enter my current work place? 
I am trying to update my resume and I have been at my current work place for one and 1/2 months. I am applying at another company that is the same type …

If they ask if I am a deserving candidate, what should I say? 
I'm going to apply for TCS. If an interviewer asks me, "Do you think that you are the deserving candidate for the position you have applied for?", then …

Second interview 
I had the first interview with the vice president of the company and received an e-mail from her that she would like me to come in for a second interview. …

How do I explain why my ending salary was lower than my starting salary? 
How do I answer a question about salary when my ending salary was lower than my starting one, and does not reflect what I am worth or what I require? I …

Why would an empolyer want to schedule me for an interview if I live 2000 miles away? 
I want to move from Michigan to Arizona. I will be sending resumes to several different employers. But my question is: If other people are sending in resumes …

How should I explain closing my own business in a job interview? 
After working for international clothing brands as brand and marketing managers, I decided to open my own boutique. It's been 2.5 years that I have opened …

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