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Browse our archives of answers to older how to format resume questions. The proper format of a resume is one that has been customized to your situation...

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Writing an effective resume can be tricky. Pick the wrong resume format, and your resume might quickly be tossed into the "reject" pile before it's really even looked at thoroughly.

Choose the proper format of a resume, and you'll move to the front of the que of interview candidates!

On this page, you'll find questions past visitors have asked about how to format resume submissions... along with my expert answers and comments from other visitors to these pages.

If you want to ask a question about resume format yourself, or view more current questions, then click the link to see our current formatting resumes questions page.

But if you're just looking to increase your knowledge, or see if someone has already asked the question you have about resume writing format, then here you go...

Archived Q&A About Formatting a Resume Properly

Click below to see older resume formatting questions from other visitors to this page. If you click on the question, you'll see the answers too. Please don't repeat the same questions.

Does a functional resume format work? 
I've read in a few different websites that a functional resume format is often loathed by employers... is this true? ANSWER: This is a great question, …

How Do I Make a Resume for a Lecture Position? 
How to make resume for applying for lecturer in college or university. And the education background is MBA in human resourse, and accounting. ANSWER: …

Is It OK to Use Text Formatting on a Resume? 
Are bullets okay and should some information be bold? What should be in bold print on your resume? ANSWER: Tracy... The answer to your question is …

How to deal with intentional grammar issues within my resume, what file format to use? 
I have drafted my resume based on as much research as I could gather on the current expectations of style and format. Since the short and to-the-point …

Should I use "I"? 
In applying for a teaching position, should I use the work "I" when describing my experiences? ANSWER: If you're talking about using the word, "I" …

How Do I Make a Good Resume? 
I am a Canadian that has been teaching Conversational English in China for five years Here it is different than in the west. Here they want to know everything …

What type of resume should I use when changing careers? 
I've been receiving conflicting advice since I was laid off six months ago. Two career counselors advised me that since I would be changing careers …

Do I List Experience or Education First on My Resume? 
I am 46 years old, and I have worked in IT for 8 years. I recently received a related Bachelor's degree and want to know which I list first -- experience …

What to Put on a Resume? 
What exactly should I write about myself? ANSWER: Amber, If you want to succeed in life, you have to be willing to study and learn. There are many …

Should I Put Years on My Resume When I'm a More Advanced Age? 
I am in the market for new employment. Some years ago when in the same situation, the workforce center I was working with at the time recommended for those …

Should I Include My Hobbies on My Resume? 
In resumes, is notification of hobbies important? If so, what kind of hobbies can we enter? ANSWER: I'd be cautious in including personal information …

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