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Effective Cover Letter Writing

The Cover Letter Writing Tips You Need...

Effective cover letter writing is somewhat of an art, but it can be learned, starting with the helpful cover letter writing tips on this page.

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Writing a cover letter may seem daunting when you're first starting out. After all, you know there is a WRONG way to go about it (right?), but knowing the right way may not seem quite as clear. Don't worry... I'm here to help you learn how to do cover letter writing... right!

Every great resume deserves a great cover letter.

Check out the cover letter writing ideas on this page

And I've got a bunch of cover letter writing tips that will help you put together a resume cover letter that will be the perfect accompaniment to that resume you've worked so hard on.

Mastering cover letter writing is crucial because it's the first thing the hiring manager sees. And you only have seconds to grab his or her attention.

So, you have to make sure the cover letter stands out from the dozens–or maybe even hundreds–of others that cross the hiring manager's desk each week.

You might ask, why bother at all with writing a cover letter? If I only have a few seconds to grab a recruiter's attention, why not do it with a resume? The answer is, that even the best resume is a rather dry listing of accomplishments and abilities. By definition, it's basically just a summary.

But when writing a cover letter, you have an opportunity to let a little bit of your personality shine through and to talk directly to the hiring manager. Plus, it's your chance to show off a little of what you know about the company and to tell why you're interested in the job.

The Keys to an Effective Cover Letter

Hit the target with your cover letter

Basically, there are 3 keys to effective cover letter writing:

  • Make a connection with the recruiter. There are 3 basic parts to making a connection:

    1. Draft a strong opening paragraph.
    2. Show your personality.
    3. Research and target your audience.
  • Sell your accomplishments & value. Your cover letter should sell you as the product. So, make sure you know what skills the company needs and then describe how you have what they are looking for.

  • Close the letter powerfully. Don't just sign off... end your letter with a call to action and a clear message about your next steps. Show off your enthusiasm and proactive nature.

You can get a lot more tips on each of these elements of effective cover letter writing on the How to Create a Cover Letter page. Click the link to start reading, and you'll be well on your way to an effective cover letter that you can be proud of... and that gets you to the next step – a job interview!

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