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We have even more cover letter tips, including cover letter writing tips here.

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On the previous pages of the Resume Cover Letter Help Center here on this site, we've covered such topics as cover letter writing and cover letter formatting. Plus, I've given you some models for effective cover letters in the form of cover letter templates and examples.

But I'm not done yet!

On this page, I've gathered a few more cover letter tips just for you. They tend to be more advanced uses for resume cover letters, so if you're not ready for them yet, I'll understand if you decide to click away to another page. It's OK, really. But, if you are ready to take your cover letter writing to the next level, then have at it...

Powerful Networking with a Cover Letter

Network to find jobs

In his latest book, Jimmy Sweeney, an expert in job hunting techniques using resumes and cover letters, describes how you can use cover letters as a networking tool in finding and pursuing possible job opportunities. I think you'll find what he has to say is fascinating and innovative.

I have to say these are some of the best cover letter tips—or at least the most creative ones—that I've seen in my quest to provide top notch cover letter help for you. So I hope you enjoy them!

The networking cover letter is a powerful way to reach friends and professional contacts asking for employment leads, referrals, advice, and introductions.

You are not asking for a job but rather their assistance in connecting you with people and opportunities.

Cover Letter Tips for Networking Purposes

writing a cover letter

A networking cover letter is the "vehicle" you can use to open up a new world of opportunity by tapping into other peoples' contacts, connections, and knowledge. Tap into your network immediately and produce quality job leads for yourself right away. Create your own list from these available sources:

  • Friends
  • Friends of friends
  • Family
  • Current and former coworkers
  • Members of professional organizations
  • Your spouse
  • ... and everyone in between

Some people feel that networking is another form of "using" people, but hey... desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

Use your imagination to develop a master networking list of contacts to whom you can email and snail mail your networking cover letter. Networking letters should be friendly and professional. You can find and model templates online.

Tips for Networking:

Keep your cover letter brief and summarize your strengths in the middle of the letter using numbered lists or bullet points. Make sure to clearly ASK for job leads and referrals.

In most cases, I suggest you attach your resume, as well. Don't be afraid to make a few phone calls to key contacts as part of your overall networking strategy. Always remember to say thank you and to follow up on a regular basis.

Networking is one of the golden strategies of a successful job search and a networking cover letter can greatly expand your reach in any career field. Remember, if one contact can't help you out, make sure to ask them if they can refer you to another one of THEIR contacts who can!

NOTE: OK, so the networking cover letter might not be the best cover letter for everyone, but I still think it's a great idea for some of us! Keep reading for even more cover letter tips you can use...

The All Purpose Resume Cover Letter

All purpose cover letter tips

Here's an effective letter that every job-seeker should keep in his or her toolbox. This special letter has the personal feel of a cover letter but also doubles as a resume. The resume cover letter is also perfect for networking... or it can make a terrific follow-up letter. It is brief by design, and therefore can be used successfully when working with recruiters, headhunters, and agencies where brevity is so important.

The all-purpose cover letter allows the reader to scan one document quickly as opposed to reading the traditional two-piece job application containing both the cover letter and resume.

Creating your own resume cover letter is easy: you are condensing and combining the key elements of your cover letter and resume to create one document called the "resume cover letter." I recommend the use of bullet points to list the highlights of your resume while staying with the format of a cover letter throughout.

I also recommend keeping your networking cover letter to one page in length, two pages absolute maximum. Otherwise you are defeating the purpose of using this type of letter. Use a resume cover letter anytime you'd like to keep your communications brief, but want to display the highlights of your resume, as well.

Final cover letter tip: I believe networking alone can provide YOU the strongest chance for landing a job you love. Tap into YOUR network today!

For more sample resume and cover letter tips like these, you should check out our free gift from Jimmy Sweeney on this page.

So did those networking cover letter tips get you thinking? If not, go back and read the article again for networking cover letter writing tips. I assure you... there's something in it for just about everyone who's looking for a job, especially in today's tough job market.

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