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If you have employment cover letter questions, ask the expert. Get answers to your most pressing job cover letter questions.

Do you have employment cover letter questions?

Writing an effective employment cover letter can be tricky. Do it wrong, and your letter will quickly be tossed into the "reject" pile before your resume even gets viewed. Do it right, and you'll move to the front of the que of interview candidates!

So, I'm sure YOU want to do it the right way. You'll find lots of cover letter tips here on the site, but if you've read through those pages and you still have some questions, then this is a great place for you to be... because Ask the Expert may have already answered those questions for you!

If you happened to come to this page directly from someplace else on the Web, and you're wondering, "Just who IS this so-called cover letter expert, anyway?", then please feel free to read my About Me page (click opens new tab/window) before you go any further. Bottom line, though, is that I know my stuff...

Please Note:

I am not currently accepting new questions here on the site. I'm sorry, but due to personal concerns I don't have time to answer questions in a timely manner any longer. It seems unfair to allow you to post questions if I'm not going to be able to answer them right away. So for now, I am suspending my "Ask the Expert" features.

However, there are already hundreds of questions here on the site. So I'm fairly certain you can find an answer here that will fit most any situation. You can certainly scan the category pages to look for relevant topics, but even quicker might be to use our Site Search function.

To do a search, just scroll up until you see the "Search This Site" box right above the menu in the left sidebar. Type in your issue and see what comes up.

I appreciate you visiting this page and I'm sorry I'm unable to offer the Q&A service at this time.

What Other Job Seekers Have Asked About Cover Letters

Click below to see questions about employment cover letters from other visitors to this page, along with my Ask the Expert answers. Additional info may be seen by clicking the Comments link at the end of a question/answer page.

Do I list successes in the cover letter or my resume? 
Cover letters introduce resumes. In each of my last 3 jobs I've had many important responsibilities (6-10 per job). I've also had many successes, for example, …

Should I mention the reason for my relocation? 
My current job is in Southwest but I'm looking for jobs in Northeast. The reason is that my husband's job has moved to Northeast. Should I mention that …

How do I get an employers attention when I don't have a degree? 
There have been a couple of positions advertised that require a 4 year degree. I don't have a degree but have performed the responsibilities required for …

How do I send my cover letter? 
I'm responding to a job post online. Do I send my cover letter as attachment of my email, or in the body of my email? ANSWER: You can do it either …

Can i just use the first and last name of a recruiter if I do not have any other information? 
I want to apply for a job online but the website only list the first and last name of the person. There is no contact number and the company is large, …

Can I write one cover letter for both my husband and I? 
My husband and I want to apply to work together in the same company (we are both biologists working at the environmental impact area). I would like …

What kind of cover letter do I use to explore possible retirement/relocation opportunities? 
I would like to retire from the company that I have presently worked for the past thirty (32) years. In order to proceed with a retirement date I would …

To whom should I direct my cover letter? 
I would like your advice on who to direct my cover letter to. The job posting includes no contact info. and requires applying online. However, there is …

Is it appropriate to mention my age in my cover lettler? 
At age 66, I was downsized and do not want interviewers to cast aside my resume when they figure out my approximate age. Therefore, in my cover letter, …

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