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Should I include a failed business venture on my resume?

by Anonymous

I voluntarily left a job I had worked in for seven years and tried to start my own business which didn't work out. After two years I had to give up on having my own business and took the job I currently have.

The business venture was totally unrelated to all my other work experience so I'm wondering whether I should include it my work history or leave it as a gap?

ANSWER: Well, I don't think there's one right answer to this question. On the one hand, employment gaps will always raise red flags and will have to be explained if you get an interview, especially one as long as 2 years.

On the other hand, employment gaps have become more common in today's job market and may not look as "bad" as they used to.

And on the other other hand, having the motivation and resources to even try your hand at your own business venture could be framed as a positive, depending on the type of work you are trying to get hired in now. If your reasons for failing at it were more to do with the economy than with your poor business acumen, then it might not harm you at all to say it failed.

You could also just say that you decided to end the business venture because you realized it wasn't a good fit for you after all.

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May 19, 2016
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I am also doing a part time business NEW
by: Anonymous

I am also doing a part time business and want to continue it with doing full time job one of my friend which is ding job in Assignment writing expert UK give an opinion that do not add business in your resume the problem is if I hide my business details and get a full time job then how can I manage my business in working hours

Sep 14, 2015
comments are here now NEW
by: finer

Different experts think that you should avoid such business in your CV. Only one expert on essay heaven wrote that you must include your failed business, this will increase your temperament and they will ask more questions and you would never adopt such ways which caused your business failure. a

Dec 19, 2010
Your business venture

Hi, I saw your comment and had to respond. As far as if to put it on your resume I would agree with the other poster there are many factors to consider. But I would like to raise one point to you. Although it is often times contrary to how we are taught in our society to view a failed business venture attempt, I believe it is an invaluable experience.

We often times place a completely negative value judgment on such an adventure and I want to share with you that it does not have to be this way. Just because we have been taught to believe this is true does not make it so and does not necessarily serve us as we move forward. It is really just a choice.

There are different ways of viewing such a misadventure. I for one have had such experiences and am so proud of my attempts and what I have gained from them. Through these experiences I have gave and received so much, they are invaluable to my journey.

With a shift in how you view your supposed failure, you can gain incredible confidence and insight. The perspective I would suggest is that your failed business venture was in fact not a failure at all and offers an opportunity to move forward with greater knowledge, understanding and awareness. Not to mention the great contribution you can make by sharing your story with the others.

It is really a question of how you approach it. I believe so much that we need to shift our way of viewing such experiences that I created a website to act as a platform for just this. We are breaking new ground in the area of entrepreneurship.

It is something that has been staring us in the face for so long, yet has not been brought out of the darkness. Its time has and must come. We recently launched and as we grow and grow I see it becoming a great resource for the community.
Take a look at what we are doing at

It is a place to share these stories of failed business ventures. To explore these invaluable experiences for the purpose of learning and growth.

Best of luck in your pursuits! If you have any questions, comments or feedback, we would like to hear it. Much more info can be found on the site.

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