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March 05: Vol 2, Issue 3
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Kathi MacNaughton, Editor

Tips & advice for anyone wanting to earn a job interview through writing a powerful resume!

"Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be."... George Sheehan

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A word from the editor of march resume newsletter

Whew! It's been a busy month. I'm a little late with this month's issue (it's almost April, for pete's sake!), but Im here. I've been busy making lots of improvements to www.Powerful-Sample-Resume-Formats.com, so I hope you've been by recently to see them.

For example, I've added a number of new articles to the Articles Library by Della Menechella, motivational speaker.

Now, let's move on to our newsletter... we have a lot of great information for you!

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Job Hunting News

Here are some recent headlines about the great job hunt and the employment market:

  • Employment Rises, Spending Rebounds: U.S. Economy Preview—According to Bloomberg.com, U.S. payrolls probably grew by more than 200,000 workers for a second month in March and consumer spending likely rebounded in February, providing evidence that increased hiring is giving the economy a boost, according to economists surveyed ahead of reports this week.

  • Employment figures on the up worldwide—According to ConsultantNews.com, Employment figures worldwide look encouraging, according to the latest research from Grant Thornton’s 2005 International Business Owners Survey (IBOS). The survey asked over 6,000 business owners in 24 countries whether they had increased or decreased their workforce in the past year. Globally the workforce balance figure* has moved from +8 in 2004 to +26.

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Feature Article

Get a Job! Tips for Organizing Your Resume

by Stacey Agin Murray

Whether you're a Vice President of Marketing or a recent college grad, your resume is the 'key' to opening the doors of employment. It is an employer's first impression of you and believe it or not, many hiring officials spend less than thirty seconds reviewing it. With only fleeting moments to make a first impression, it is imperative that your resume be organized.

Polish your shoes, practice your handshake, and take note of some tips for creating an organized resume that will catch the eye of even the most weary of HR associates:

  • Start by sitting down with your old resume and a timer. Give yourself fifteen seconds to read it. How far did you get? Were you able to read the whole page? Besides 'getting your foot in the door,' your goal is to create a resume that can be scanned top to bottom in less than 30 seconds. It must be organized to punctuate your strengths and highlight your employment-related achievements. Next, give yourself another fifteen seconds but this time skim your resume as if you were the person doing the hiring. What parts stood out? Was it a bold or italic phrase? Was it a tabbed column of words or a dollar sign? Think about what words or sections jumped out at you, circle them in red, and use them within the body of your new resume. For another opinion, take a fresh copy and ask a friend or family member to do the same.

  • On scrap paper, create a chart and write all of your past jobs across the top of the page. Below each job title list at least 2-4 duties/accomplishments relating to the position. Analyze each of those and ask yourself: Does this achievement have any relevance to the job I'm now pursuing? Will the reader of my resume be impressed by the money I've saved the company/the body of work I created/the skills I've acquired? If your answer is yes, the next step is to prioritize those duties and/or accomplishments.

For example, let's say you are an administrative assistant listing relevant duties and achievements from your last job. This is your newly-brainstormed, non-prioritized list:

  • answered phone calls
  • created and color-coded filing system to support VP of Sales
  • coordinated supervisor's travel arrangements
  • saved Sales department $12,000 by researching companies and switching office supply vendors

Now, take a moment to prioritize your list. Which description should be listed first? Which of the four will quickly catch the reader's eye? Depending upon the type of job you're applying for, if you saved your former company any money or increased their productivity in any way, that fact should be listed first.

Now read the list:

  • saved Sales department $12,000 by researching companies and switching office supply vendors
  • created and color-coded filing system to support VP of Sales
  • coordinated supervisor's travel arrangements
  • answered phone calls

Always position your strongest achievement first. Either they'll be impressed and move on or think 'Wow!' and continue reading directly below. An eye-catching first statement will positively affect every statement listed beneath it so choose wisely.

Use Bulleted Lists. As opposed to a sea of text, a bulleted list focuses the eye to a specific area on the page. They are often used to highlight your accomplishments instead of hiding them within bulky paragraphs.


Saved Sales department $12,000 by researching companies and switching office supply vendors. Created and color-coded filing system to support VP of Sales. Coordinated supervisor's travel arrangements. Answered phone calls


  • saved Sales department $12,000 by researching companies and switching office supply vendors
  • created and color-coded filing system to support VP of Sales
  • coordinated supervisor's travel arrangements
  • answered phone calls

Remember, one of your goals is to make reading your resume as easy as possible. The reader's eye will dart straight to the bullet and focus on what is written to it's immediate right. If you want to hold the reader's attention, use 'action words' (verbs) next to a bullet (see example above). Employing strong action words will assist the reader in visualizing you carrying out those tasks for their company.

To an HR official, an organized resume can be interpreted as the sign of an organized person. An organized person has the potential to have an organized desktop, organized file cabinets and organized work habits. These are skills and qualities that employers desire in an employee. If you can present a company/organization with an organized resume it will put you one step ahead of your less organized competition.


  • Do not make 100 copies of your resume until at least one other person has reviewed it for errors and inconsistencies. Five minutes of 'editorial prevention' can mean the difference between getting an interview or getting a rejection letter.

About The Author: Stacey Agin Murray, professional organizer and owner of Organized Artistry, LLC, transforms 'mess' into 'masterpiece' with patience, organizing know-how, and a sense of humor. For more articles and to get your FREE e-list of 'Top Ten Tips for Organized Living' visit http://www.organizedartistry.com; stacey@organizedartistry.com

Survey of the Month

What's the Biggest Problem You Have with Resume Writing? This month, I decided to do something a little different. I'm going to be offering some services from my Powerful-Sample-Resume-Formats.com site and I need your input. Get the help you need by letting me know exactly what's keeping you from writing the resume you always wanted.

You'll find the survey here.

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Question of the Month

Question(s): "How should I start writing my resume? The job that I am looking for is Interior Designing, which I have no specific background in here..."

"I'm changing career from biochemistry to banking. How do i write a resume? "

Answer: It is possible to switch to a new career midstream in your working life. But you have to know how to go about it. It takes a bit of planning, thorough self- assessment, and perhaps additional training. Read more of the answer here...

See other questions here

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I think that’s enough for this month! Look for your next issue in another month or so, as I have enough to fill an issue.

Happy job hunting,
Kathi MacNaughton

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