Your Resume Cover Letter Is Your Ticket to Your Next Dream Job

That's right... you have to have a winning cover letter if you want to get the dream job you've been seeking.

In the article I've posted below, the author tells you just how to produce such a letter. He speaks with a recruiter's insight on this topic, and he has some valuable tips.

So, please take time to read the article thoroughly... when you nab that next interview, you'll be glad you did!

How to Write a Job-Winning Cover Letter

Let me say that I've done more hiring and firing in my days than I care to admit.

And although Human Resource Managers and recruiters all have their own way of doing things, here was my approach to looking at new applicants...

A Good Resume Invites Recruiters to Read Your Cover Letter

I always looked at the person's resume first. I quickly breezed over qualifications and employment history. If they looked promising in these areas, then I would look at the cover letter.

The cover letter gave me further insight into the person, e.g., how organized they are by examining the presentation of the letter, whether or not they had taken the time to find out anything about my company, whether or not they have had or do have any ties to the company, whether or not they have specified the job they want, will they travel, and so on.

What all this means is you need both a resume and a cover letter. The meat is in the resume. I wanted the facts and I wanted 'em fast. If a person looked promising from the resume, then I read the cover letter, and then I call 'em in for an interview. That's where the rubber meets the road.

The Goal of a Cover Letter

So, this brings up your goal in creating a cover letter ...

... to introduce yourself to the company and to sell yourself.

If you do this well enough, you are at the top of the list for an interview, assuming you are qualified for the position.

Sidenote: Are you finding this article to be helpful in thinking about writing cover letters that will not only win you an interview, but also the job? I sure hope so! Well, go on then, read on...

Creating a Strong Cover Letter

  1. Make it short. Definitely no more than one page. Half a page is better. Two paragraphs is even better. If you can whittle it down to that and make your case succinctly, then you are proving yourself to be a great communicator. That's a huge bonus in my book.

  2. Be professional and concise. Never try to be humorous. Keep your tone on a "business only" level.

  3. Always put yourself in the best light and never give hints that you may be underqualified, even if you think you are.

  4. Never mention work experience in the cover letter that isn't included on your resume. This no-no equals an automatic strike out.

  5. Make sure it contains no typos or poor grammar. Have someone proof your letter before using it.

  6. Know what you are applying for. Be specific. Know the job title. Never say you'll take anything available. You are a professional. State the job title you are wanting to be considered for in the first paragraph of your cover letter.

  7. I always asked candidates why they wanted to work for me. This is where they had the opportunity to impress me by saying something like: "Because your company is the largest retailer of wireless communication devices, I feel strongly that I should position my future with a leader in the industry." Do you see what I mean? I want to know that they have done a little research. I want to know that they understand my business and at the same time they see a opportunity for self-fulfillment within my company. This is information you include in the first paragraph of the cover letter.

  8. Next, I want to know how a candidate will contribute to my company. This is paragraph number two. I want to know specifically how your set of skills and past experiences will directly impact the company. This is the "What can you do for the company?" section.

  9. Never conclude a letter with a flippant "I hope you call me" type of ending. Always specify a date that you will follow-up with the company and how you will follow-up.

Applying these tips will help you to be a step ahead of the pack. Recruiters routinely discard many applicants based solely on a poor written cover letter and resume. Since your goal is to get in the door for an interview, taking the time to create a winning cover letter is a tactic you can't afford to skip!

About the Author: Brett Krkosska is a freelance writer and syndicated columnist. He is the owner and founder of, an idea center for small/home-based business owners. Free subscription to his ezine, Straight Talk, available at:

So, there you have it! All the nuts and bolts of learning how to write job-winning resume cover letters! Now, take you new-found knowledge and go get that job...

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