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Are you a frustrated job seeker? If so, the resume help and cover letter tips you'll find in this special report are guaranteed to help you!

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Hi there,

Thanks for stopping in for your job seeker special report. As you know, I am totally committed to helping you find the job you've always wanted. But there are many steps for success that must be negotiated while you keep your eyes on the prize.

Each of these steps is subject to a number of obstacles and hurdles that you must avoid or overcome if you are to achieve your ultimate goals. You CAN do it, if you take a little advice...

3 Reasons Why So Many People Fail to Succeed in Their Job Search

  1. Lack of Understanding. If you think employers only care about skills and experience, you're WRONG! You have to find out all the reasons why employers hire...

  2. Lack of Preparation. Did you know that less than 5% of applicants are even considered for an interview? Why? It all comes down to adequate preparation—in every aspect of the job search, from your resume to the follow up letter after an interview.

  3. Lack of Knowledge. You MUST be able to market and advertise yourself successfully or you're going to be left in the dust for sure! You have to know how to attract employers with your resume. You have to how to convince employers you're a person to interview, and you have to know how to negotiate the maximum salary. Do you?

When you have the right understanding, preparation, and knowledge, you'll have an unfair advantage over most other job seekers.

So, How Do You Get That Understanding, Preparation & Knowledge?

Guess you're wondering just how to learn all that stuff, right? Well, one way is to read through the hundreds of pages of advice here on this website and maybe others. But if you keep reading, I'm going to tell you another... probably quicker... way to cut to the chase and find out what you need to know... NOW.

What if I told you that I'd found a resource that fills in those costly gaps in knowledge that can spell disaster for a typical job search? Would you be interested?

For instance, I bet you didn't know know that more than 90% of people fail to ask for an interview in their cover letter. Yes, it's true. So, from now on start showing that you WANT that interview by making it crystal clear in every cover letter you send.

Exciting New Job Seeker Resource

For quite a few years now, I've been partnering with another online career expert. His name is Jimmy Sweeney and I've been recommending his Amazing Cover Letters product simply because it works. It's the best online resource for cover letters I've found in the past 6 years.

So, recently, when Jimmy came out with a job search help product, I checked it out. I found that the quality in this newest product is even higher than the cover letter book. I really couldn't believe all the great advice and tools that Jimmy includes this time around. It's got kind of a strange name, not to mention a rather mysterious premise...

"Wow! You're Hired" by Jimmy Sweeney, of Career Jimmy

Get your copy of the Wow! You're Hired system today

WARNING: Did you know it takes an average of 17 job interviews to land 1 job OFFER? Not anymore!...Discover what this "Secret Career Document" can do for your job search...

This time around, he has published a comprehensive toolkit for job seekers everywhere. The main product is help with preparing what Jimmy calls a "Secret Career Document" that can help you get hired on the spot, or at least to shoot to the top of all candidates for a job.

But he also includes several "bonus" tools...

  • Jimmy will personally review & critique your secret career document after you build it!

  • A report that gives you "7 Little Known Secrets You Can Use To Land More HOT Job Interviews Next Week."

  • A transcript of an exclusive conference call between Jimmy and two other well-known career experts (Kevin Donlin and Carole Martin, where they share killer job search secrets you just can't get anywhere else.

All of the bonuses are valuable, but Jimmy's offer of personalized consultation is really special, in my opinion. This is almost unheard of on the internet... at least at this price.

I really can't recommend this job seeker toolkit enough. I haven't seen anything like this anywhere else on the Web. I won't kid you... at $79, it's not cheap. But when you consider what it will do for you, I think you'll see that it's well worth every penny. At least that's my opinion...

Learn more about "Wow! You're Hired", Jimmy Sweeney's essential secret resource for the serious job seeker...

You deserve to have your dream job! You deserve a job that pays you the maximum salary!

You deserve a job that gives all the benefits you desire to secure your life!

The only question you need to ask yourself is whether having real security, peace, and happiness in your life is worth a small investment?

In summary, if you're a job seeker in search of methods to move ahead of the pack and get the job you really want, you NEED this secret weapon from Jimmy Sweeney. Get the unfair advantage. You deserve it!

Happy hunting, you job seeker you,
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