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How do I explain an employment gap due to moving because of my husband being transferred?

by Victoria Mendenhall
(Savannah, GA)

I am quite "qualified for any administrative assistant" position. I even have SAP Computer software experience. BUT my husband and I have had to move around the Country... from Wichita, KS to Tulsa, OK to Seattle, WA, then back to Tulsa, OK and then to Wichita, KS (our hometown) - and NOW we have moved down to the South- for his latest.

In the aviation industry, there are numerous lay-offs within the last 10 years, and anyone who knows the aviation business ALREADY KNOWS THIS... so people have to move around to where the jobs are!

I am simply quite frustrated- because I did have A GREAT JOB IN WICHITA - AND had to quit and THEN ANOTHER GREAT JOB IN TULSA, OK... and had to quit ... we went all the way up to Seattle, Washington, and then again he got laid off again. Back we went to the Mid-West... and now down here for Gulfstream in Savannah, Georgia... but how do I explain this... that (and everyone knows what happened in 2008)... the whole economy was upside down and Gulfstream started laying off people (and again I was starting (to FREAK out)because he didn't get laid off this time- but The Company- Gulfstream is laying off every July for 2 weeks...

HELP! I have 20 resumes- all with different explanations and I send out the one that BEST meets the companies' job description... yet- is is very difficult- because I have had to endure discrimination and losing some really great jobs... just because of the economy and moving around the country.

But how can a company do this to me? Every time an HR Manager fills a position THEY ARE ALWAYS TAKING A CHANCE... because nobody knows how well that person will do in their hiring position... until they hire that person and try them out!

HELP ME- I have been looking for a position since June of 2008- and YES - I have had some really good interviews, including with Gulfstream... but I am about to run out of unemployment (I am on round III)-Thank GOD for President Obama.

I have been on Unemployment Insurance for about one year now... and I have NEVER searched this long... I am either over-qualified or under qualified! OR I hear nothing back from the company!

Thanks so much and I am sorry that this is sooooo long... but due to my husband's career (Tooling)- he does make good money... but in the aviation business it is here one day- gone tomorrow!

Best- Victoria

Answer: Victoria, I am sorry I am just seeing this now. I'm quite sure my answer will come too late to help you, but still I'll publish it here, in case one of my future readers can glean some help from it.

I'm sorry to hear of your plight and it must be so frustrating. The situation that is causing your situation (the rough job market, forcing your husband's job changes) is also working against you, because it makes you look like a poor risk to employers, despite your talents and experience.

It's tough to think of a real solution for you. The problem is, there is so much competition these days for every job, you really have to make yourself stand out against other applicants. For you, you have to make any potential employer believe that you are so worth having that it would be wise to take a risk on you.

So, when working on your resume, you HAVE to be sure to emphasize the achievements you've made in the past and everything you could bring to the table that would help the employer immediately.

Hopefully, by now, you've found that job you were seeking... and are still living in the same place you were when you posed this question here. :)

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