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Combination Resume Format

Chronological Resume + Functional Resume = Hybrid Resume

The combination resume format, or hybrid resume as it sometimes called, is often your best choice. Combination resumes take the best features of chronological resumes and functional resume format.

Which sets you apart best? Resume objective OR power satement?

With the combination approach, you get a chance to present both a strong summary of your skills and accomplishments up front (functional), while also providing a detailed employment history (chronological) that supports the statements made in the first section.

Although the chronological resume format is the traditional, tried-and-true strategy, more and more people these days are using hybrid-style resumes... and they're finding that this approach really is geared towards job-hunting success!

When a Combination Resume Format Works Best

There are a number of situations in which combination resumes work well, such as:

The combination resume format hits the target 9 times out of 10
  • When you're trying to make a career change. (You can list your relevant skills and experience up front, then any relevant education. Next, list your job history, but only include the relevant duties performed at each.)

  • When you have done almost the same duties everywhere you've worked. (Listing the same duties over and over under each employer is redundant. Instead, you can highlight your most significant skills and experience up front, along with any special awards or achievements. Then, list only company-specific duties under each employer.)

View a combination resume example

Tips for Using the Combination Format

Arm yourself with the right resume format

Take the tips listed above for each of the other formats and incorporate them. Also, keep in concise and interesting. Avoid boring job descriptions. Instead, identify how you have been of value to your employers.

Speak in terms of saving money, increasing profits, improving productivity, solving problems, or enhancing products or services. Be as specific as you can, using numbers, dollars, and percentages as accurately as possible.

When It Doesn't Work Well

Here's the good news... The combination resume format works well in almost any situation! But before you make a final decision, be sure you also understand the pros and cons of the other formats:

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