Use a Business Coach to Get a Promotion

Have you ever thought about hiring a business coach to help you get a promotion?

Well, you should according to the following article. In case you're not familiar with one of the newest trends, coaches can help in many ways in your life.

Indeed, life coaches of all kinds are one of the hottest careers today. They help people find clarity and purpose in their careers, in their relationships, and even in their health. So, before you go after that next promotion, you'll want to take a look at this article...

How to Get a Promotion

(ARA) -- In today’s competitive business environment, more and more people are seeking something that will give them that extra edge: the help of a professional business coach. No longer considered a luxury enjoyed by only a few CEOs, business coaches are frequently consulted by individuals and organizations looking for guidance on everything from how to resolve conflicts, build successful teams and develop next generation leaders.

"A good coach is a sounding board and a mentor, a challenger of unhealthy behaviors, an assumption challenger, and a confidence and self esteem builder," says Charles Parten, a business coach who since 1985 has worked with more than 2000 individuals, including over 200 presidents and CEOs, from companies all across the United States and Canada. "I listen, I empathize, I challenge, I build trust, and then get critical issues on the table," explains Parten.

"Chuck worked with me to understand my strengths and build my confidence," says Carol Muratore, an executive at McKesson Medical-Surgical in Richmond, VA, who was hopeful about winning a top position in her business unit when she sought Parten’s help. "He was honest about my challenges and gave good advice on how to overcome them." After a grueling interview process, Muratore was named president of her division.

Who needs a coach? Just about anyone who wants to further their career. A coach helps an individual maximize their potential by providing a valuable outside perspective — something people of any age and experience level can benefit from.

"An outside coach will enhance the value of in-house training and human resources by helping employees find win/win solutions that will work for their particular corporate culture," says Parten. An outside perspective is not colored by in-house politics and culture, which may impede true openness and objectivity. A business coach brings the viewpoint and experience of many other organizations to the table, and shows how others have dealt with similar issues.

"They don’t teach these skills in business school," says Parten. "A coach will help you measure your performance against your potential, and push you to perform at your best. You will get help with such critical skills as how to facilitate teamwork, recognize good work, solicit positive and negative input from subordinates, and how to inspire a shared vision."

Henk Mathot, a division president at Cargill based in Minneapolis, found that business coaching not only benefited him personally, but helped his company as well. "Chuck has the ability to quickly understand a situation and then offer intelligent, insightful recommendations. His talents have been of great value to Cargill and especially to me," says Mathot.

Here are a few of Parten’s suggestions on how to move your career forward:

  • Be humble but driven. Effective leaders are never arrogant, but they are dedicated to their work and tenacious about their business goals.

  • Be competent in your area or skill. Nothing is worse than an incompetent leader who believes otherwise.

  • Have deep personal convictions. No business leader should be without a strong moral compass, especially in times of crisis.

  • Have a vision of where you want your business, your career to go, and put it into written form.

  • Your word is your bond. Character and integrity are very important,” says Parten. You must be considered trustworthy to be effective.”

  • Executive polish and presence are important. You should be comfortable in any setting.

  • Develop your successors. Leaders must foster critical skills in those around them and develop the people who will be next in line. This will perpetuate success,” adds Parten.

  • Understand that as important as a good IQ is, it's even more important in the business world to have a strong EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient).

Parten client Glen Varnadoe, president of ArrMaz Custom Chemicals, Inc. in Florida, found that a coach’s unique outside perspective was extremely beneficial to his company. "Chuck has been an invaluable asset to both me and my executive team by being an exceptional listener, providing excellent guidance and having the ability to cut to the heart of the matter and stay focused while still allowing everyone to open up," says Varnadoe. "His broad background in building and improving interpersonal relationships allows for a flexible approach to any organization. We have brought Chuck to Florida monthly since 2001 and see a very good return on our investment."

Sidenote: Are you finding this information on using a business coach to be useful? I have always been curious about business coaches, and when I found very little quality information online about the topic, I decided to do some research - which is how this article came to be on this site. Read on...

"Coaching is a trendy thing, but the way Chuck does it is a true testament to the profession because he is so good at getting results," says Alain L. Thiry, former president of Carlson Marketing Group, Europe. "The members of our team have come a long way in working together after all the great work he did."

Charles Parten works with clients all across the United States and Canada representing companies ranging in size from small to Fortune 50. Business executives continually come to him for advice on a wide range of issues including their careers, team building, conflict resolution, interpersonal skills and business strategy. For more information, visit

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Now that you've read this article, don't stop learning all you can about the value of business coaching in your career plan. Look up a few more resources on the topic. Soon you'll discover you have all you ever need to know about business coaches!

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