Why Is It Important to Brand Your Brilliance?

And what exactly does it mean to brand your brilliance?

Personal branding is one approach to making yourself stand out in the competitive world of job hunting. Set yourself apart from the crowd with a planned strategy in unique directions.

The informative article on this page explains the concept of "brand your brilliance" in detail. If you're not convinced of the value of personal branding after reading it, then you're not listening closely enough!

Brand Your Brilliance

Most people think nothing of putting on their T-shirt with the distinctive "swoosh" on the sleeve, grabbing their "Starbucks" travel mug or jumping in their car with the "see-I've made-it" icon on the trunk.

Yet, few have ever considered using the power of "brand think" to build their career or one-person business.

In the traditional sense, a brand is a word, usually a proper noun. Brand building is the process of creating a perception in the mind that there is no product or service on the market quite like yours.

In the new world of work, you are a brand. To stand out and prosper, you must leverage your experience, way of thinking, ideas, skills and braggables to create a perception that there is no one in the marketplace quite like you. I call this process "Branding Your Brilliance.”

Here are six simple steps you can take to standout and prosper in the new world of work:

  1. Think like a free agent.

    Free agency is about making the decision to be your own boss, whoever you work for. To be in the best possible position to move ahead: do your best work now, create a remarkable track record, take responsibility for your own security and, keep your eyes peeled for the next great job.

  2. Discover what sets you apart and shamelessly market it.

    The next step in building your brand is to identify all the qualities and characteristics that make you distinctive in the marketplace.

    Action Step: Ask yourself: What do I do that adds distinctive, measurable value? What have I accomplished that I can shamelessly brag about? What real benefits do I offer? Ask others: What do you see as my greatest strength? Use this information anytime you have to write or speak about who you are and what you have to offer.

  3. Get visible.

    When it comes to branding your brilliance, publicity is superior to advertising.

    Here are five simple ways to create "buzz" about your brand.
    • Create a personal web site.
    • Lead a project at work.
    • Start an e-mail newsletter.
    • Write an article.
    • Teach a class.

  4. Stop networking and build a network.

    Are you the type of person that people call when they need to get connected to others? If not, stop networking and build a network. The key to success is access, and the key to gaining access is getting connected.

    Action Step: Create a list of everyone you know in every profession. List everyone that you know in your field. Participate in on-line communities. Start introducing (connecting) everyone to everyone else. When you do, you'll get connected, gain access and move ahead very fast.

  5. Add value - and then some.

    Adding value is going the extra mile. Doing just a little more than is expected makes people feel that there is no one better to know or do business with. The key is to find out what others place a high value on.

    To begin, ask your employer, your clients and even your colleagues what they feel adds value to them. Then look for ways to add value everyday.

  6. Accelerate your brand power by getting in sync with a major trend in your field and moving to the head of it.

    What's a big trend in your field? Read everything about it. Participate in conferences. Take a position. Become known as a specialist. Focusing is a powerful way to upgrade and accelerate the perceived value of your brand in the marketplace.

About the author: Ramon Williamson (http://ramonwilliamson.com) coaches authors, coaches, motivational speakers and entrepreneurs to find their niche, create best selling infoproducts, and enjoy a unique quality of life. He also conducts a popular online business seminar called http://betacamp.com

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Personal branding... or making the attempt to brand your "brilliance" is well worth the effort it takes. Set yourself apart from the masses. Brand your brilliance to convince your future employer of the unique value you'll bring to the organization.


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