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Resume Power Tips, Vol 1/Issue #1 -- Build a Powerful Resume!
November 14, 2004

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November 04 — Vol. 1/Issue 1
Brought to you by
Kathi MacNaughton, Editor
Tips & advice for anyone wanting to earn a job interview through writing a powerful resume!

"Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be." — Karen Ravn

  • A Word From the Editor
  • News From the Employment World
  • Feature Article: Writing a Resume: To Template or Not to Template?
  • Survey of the Month: How Long Have You Been Job Hunting?
  • Support Our Sponsors: Resume And Cover Letter Secrets Revealed and Sample Resumes Online

Welcome to our inaugural issue of the Resume Power Tips eZine! I’d like to take a moment to thank you again for subscribing. I pledge to bring you useful and practical tips & advice each month that will aid you in you job search and career path. Please feel free to tell your friends about this eZine… just send them to the URL below to subscribe:

Here are some recent headlines about the great job hunt and the employment market:

  • More 20somethings Explore Self-Employment (More information too in my Career Search Fast Lane Blog at:
    More and more people these days are seriously considering--or have already jumped into--self-employment. Even the relatively inexperienced 20-somethings are doing it according to a recent article in the Mercury News, out of Chicago.
  • Hiring surges across U.S.
    Employers went on a hiring spree in October, adding 337,000 new jobs, some of them for hurricane cleanup and many of them temporary. The surge was the largest in seven months, a sign the recovery in the jobs market might have taken hold. Papers across the US reported on this key indicator of economic recovery…

Writing a Resume: To Template or Not to Template?

Are free resume templates a viable answer to preparing a killer resume? It’s a fact that if your resume doesn’t stand out—both in terms of content AND appearance—you’ll find it very difficult to get the job you seek. Will a resume template help? Read more here…

How Long Have You Been Job Hunting? Our survey this month is about how long you’ve been job hunting. Depending on the career you’re seeking, your job hunt may go on for a few weeks or a few months. Take our survey today, if you haven’t already:

November Survey

We’ve located some great resources for our loyal subscribers to help you with your job hunt.

Resume And Cover Letter Secrets Revealed — Kevin Donlin, the author of this eBook, is one of the foremost experts on writing resumes and getting the job you want. Buy this book and he guarantees you’ll find a job within 30 days—or he’ll give you your money back!

Sample Resumes Online— Written by Ronan Kennedy, another resume expert, this eBook provides tons of samples for resumes and cover letters that you can download instantly. Also included: a bunch of bonus books and reports. I highly recommend you check this one out.

I think that’s enough for this month! Look for your next issue in another month or so, as I have enough to fill an issue.

Happy job hunting,
Kathi MacNaughton

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